Bake My Day

Custom Cakes and Desserts



Chocolate                  Vanilla             White             Red Velvet

Dark Chocolate           Banana           Coconut         Blue Velvet

German Chocolate      Lemon             Marble           Strawberry

Maple Brown Sugar    Carrot             Spice             Pumpkin Spice

Naked Cakes in any flavor and/or filling


We also offer Vegan, gluten free, sugar free and non-dairy products in almost all of our flavors..



Pina Colada Cake – Coconut and pineapple all in one.. This is a delicious cake and our top seller!


Banana Split Cake – Chocolate or vanilla cake filled with banana cream and fresh bananas or strawberries (or both); topped with vanilla or chocolate whipped topping, chocolate drizzle, almond slivers and cherries on top. Other fruit and fillings are available upon request.


Java Chip Cake – Dark chocolate cake with coffee flavored filling and a hint of Baily’s Irish Cream with mini chocolate chips; topped with chocolate icing.


Mounds Candy Bar Cake – Dark chocolate cake with coconut cream filling; topped with chocolate ganache icing.


"Better than Reese's" Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cake - Chocolate Cake with peanut butter chips, peanut butter filling and chocolate ganache frosting.


Oreo Cookie Cake - Chocolate cake with Oreo cookie crumbs cooked into the batter, cream cheese filling with Oreo cookie crumbs mixed in.


(Almost any flavor imaginable available...ask us)


Fondant                               Vanilla Whipped Topping

Vanilla Buttercream               Chocolate Whipped Topping

Chocolate Buttercream          White Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Ganache                Dark Chocolate Ganache

Cream Cheese




Chocolate Bavarian Cream             Strawberry

Vanilla Bavarian Cream                  Raspberry

Dark Chocolate Ganache                Banana Cream

White Chocolate Ganache               Key Lime

Pineapple Mousse                         Coconut

Strawberry Mousse                       Java Chip

Raspberry Mousse                        Caramel

Lemon Mousse                              Lemon Cream

Chocolate Mousse                         Vanilla Mousse

Nutella                                         Nutella with Bananas



Seasonal Fresh Fruit available upon request.




Chocolate Shavings               Oreo Cookie Crumbs

Chocolate Drizzle                  Graham Cracker Crumbs

Various Sprinkles                  Nuts

Fresh Fruit